C3NiT Centre Day

Tradeshows & Conferences

Linköping, Sweden

The C3NiT day will be held in Linköping on 12th of November 2019. This one-day workshop is the prime event to present the latest research developments in the Swedish Centre for III-Nitride Technology, C3NiT – Janzén. The workshop features invited talks by leading experts in the field of GaN technology for RF & Power Electronics, from Europe, Japan and USA.

Yole Développement will participate in the following:

Overview on GaN RF and power market

On November 12, 2019 at 4:15PM
Ezgi Dogmus, Technology & Market Analyst, Compound Semiconductors & Emerging Materials at Yole Développement

Abstract: Wide-band gap (WBG) technologies are now commonly accepted as a pertinent alternative to Silicon. Over the last years, owing to its higher power output at high frequencies, and its smaller footprint GaN has demonstrated a large potential for power and RF applications. In the power electronics industry, GaN shows great benefits for power supply especially smart phone fast chargers, data center, LIDAR and EV/HEV applications. In the RF industry, GaN is significantly being adopted in two main applications: Telecom infrastructure and Defense. In the telecom market, with the arrival of 5G, the trend toward higher frequencies offers a sweet spot for RF GaN in power amplifiers (PA) 5G below 6GHz, in remote radio heads (RRH). Regarding the defense applications, GaN enables efficient active electronically scanned array radar systems will replace significantly Travelling Wave Tubes (TWT) with smaller solid state systems delivering higher performance and scalability. Overall GaN RF market is expected to reach $2B by 2024. This talk will focus on Yole Développement’s understanding of GaN implementation in different market segments in addition to overview of the technology and market challenges at the GaN-on-Si and GaN-on-SiC as well as our understanding of the market’s current dynamics and future evolution.