China International Micro-LED Display Forum 2018

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Shenzhen, China

China International Micro LED Display Forum 2018 yoleOn the day of Nov. 12, 2018, the 2nd China International Micro-LED Display Forum 2018 will be solemnly held in Shenzhen, China. In 2018, along with the launch of Micro-LED related concept products by major manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and AUO, expected by the industry, the next-generation display technology and application market is accelerating its formation. At present, Micro-LED outperforms LCD and OLED in terms of technology lifetime, contrast, power consumption, reaction time and viewing angle, etc.; leading manufacturers such as Apple, Sony and Samsung have already made active deployment; Taiwan, Continental panels, LED chips and packaging companies are also actively deploying.

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Eric Virey circle net– “MicroLED Displays: Hype and Reality; Hopes and Challenges” on November 12
Eric Virey, Principal Analyst, Technology & Market, Sapphire & Display at Yole Développement

 Abstract: MicroLED displays could potentially match or exceed OLED performance in all critical attributes such as brightness, contrast, color gamut, refresh rate, viewing angle, ruggedness and durability, resolution and pixel density, lifetime, power consumption etc. Development started in the early 2000’s but only got its first public exposure when Sony presented the first 55” microLED TV at the 2012 CES. While the prototype was never commercialized, the hype kept growing after Apple acquired microLED startup Luxvue in 2014. Since then, investments and the number of companies involved in microLED development have skyrocketed. So how long will we have to wait until we see the first consumer applications?... More here


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