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Brussels, Belgium

imaps dpc2018 USA yole developpementCS International 2018 will provide timely, comprehensive coverage of every important sector within the compound semiconductor industry. Attendees at this two-day conference will have many opportunities to meet industry-leading players within this community.

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Feel free to attend our presentations:

 “GaN on Si Market and industry development” on April 10 at 3:35PM
Hong Lin, Technology & Market Analyst | Compound Semiconductors & Power Electronics

Abstract: GaN on silicon has been a promising solution since the very beginning as its potential of CMOS compatibility and reduced cost. In this presentation different markets and applications of GaN on-silicon technology, including power electronics, RF and lighting, will be presented. The competitive scenarios of incumbent technology as well as challenges and main barriers for GaN on-silicon development will be outlined. Key applications for the adoption and their impact on the supplier chain will be presented… More here


 “Revolutionising displays with MicroLEDs” on April 11 at 9:20AM
Pars Mukish, Business Unit Manager | Solid State Lighting & Displays

Photo ParsMukish YOLE 2018Abstract: With the increasing success of OLED, and mounting interest in QLED, emissive technologies have already proven their worth and enabled a variety of consumer products with stunning display performance. But microLED could very be another disruptive display technology for a variety of applications. Since the acquisition of startup Luxvue by Apple in 2014 and that of InfiniLED by Facebook-Oculus last year, inorganic LEDs have generated a lot of attention… More here


Contact: www.cs-international.net

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