Display Week 2019

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San Jose, CA, USA

Yole Développement invites you to join us at Display Week.

Welcome to Display Week 2019 hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID). The 56th International Symposium will be held at the San Jose Convention Center where thousands of attendees from across the globe will come to Silicon Valley to get the first-hand look at advances in AR/VR, auto, signage, TV and wearables. This year’s event promises to bring together the brightest minds worldwide in the display industry, providing insight into new display technologies in development, as well as affording a sneak peek at new products that will be hitting the shelves both in the US and internationally within the next few years. With well over 250 exhibitors with the most influential companies in the business of display four-day symposium features hundreds of leading display industry papers from around the world.

Yole Développement will participate in the following:

“Status of the microLED Industry”

On May 13th, 2019 during DSCC Business conference
Eric Virey, Principal Analyst, Technology & Market, Sapphire & Display at Yole Développement

Abstract:  MicroLED displays could potentially match or exceed OLED performance in all critical attributes such as brightness, contrast, color gamut, refresh rate, viewing angle, ruggedness and durability, resolution and pixel density, lifetime, power consumption etc.
Development started in the early 2000’s but microLED got its first public exposure when Sony presented a 55” microLED TV prototype at the 2012 CES.  The hype around the technology grew further when Apple acquired microLED startup Luxvue in 2014. Since then, investments and the number of companies involved have skyrocketed. Many large panel makers and small startup are ramping up their effort. So how long will we have to wait until we see the first consumer applications? The science is here, but microLED is an inherently complex technology with cost drivers very different from those of incumbents OLED and LCD.
This presentation will provide an update on the status of the microLED industry, discuss the most recent developments, prototypes as well as remaining technology and supply chain bottlenecks with a focus on often overlooked challenges.

“Overlooked Technical Challenges for MicroLED Displays”

On May 14th, 2019 during Session 11
Eric Virey, Principal Analyst, Technology & Market, Sapphire & Display at Yole Développement

Abstract: MicroLED is a promising display technology. However, many remaining technical challenges need to be tackled before microLED is ready for consumer products. Mass transfer of the microLED chips is the elephant in the room, but many others issues could prove as challenging and possibly even derail microLED progress.

“Can We Overcome the Challenges on the Path to Consumer Adoption of AR Headsets?”

On may 14th, 2019 during Session 10
Zine Bouhamri, Technology & Market Analyst, Displays at Yole Développement

Abstract: This paper will provide an overview of the requirements and challenges associated with AR displays and optical systems in order to better explain the projected trends for consumer adoption of AR headsets.

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