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DRAM and NAND market: what to expect?

Despite near-term challenges, structural changes ensure that memory will remain the largest segment of the semiconductor market

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The DRAM and NAND markets have a history of cyclicality and volatility, but consolidation and diversifying end demand have led to record revenues and profits for the memory suppliers over the past few years. The long-term outlook for the industry appears bright, but will new entrants from China change the narrative?

The DRAM and NAND memory markets have experienced unprecedented growth over the past 2 years, with combined revenues expected to reach $170 billion in 2018, up from $77 billion in 2016. Macro demand trends have been extremely positive for the memory markets, led by robust growth in the datacenter and continued strength in mobile, augmented by emerging demand from IoT, AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, and other applications. Trends in machine learning, Big Data, and artificial intelligence, combined with the emergence of 5G provide great opportunities for future growth.

This webcast will examine the current status of the memory markets and future drivers of growth. How have structural changes impacted the memory markets over the past few years? What is expected to fuel growth in the future? What is causing near-term softness in the DRAM and NAND markets, and how long is this situation expected to last? How are the market dynamics different between the two major memory technologies? Is the emergence of domestic memory suppliers in China going to disrupt the market?

Join Yole’s webcast for a discussion of these questions, and gain a better understanding of trends within the memory markets from several perspectives, including market and technology, and competitive dynamics.




MikeHoward Pro BlackBackground YOLE2018 BW circleMike Howard is member of the memory team at Yole Développement (Yole) as VP of DRAM and Memory Research.

Mike’s mission at Yole is to deliver a comprehensive understanding of the entire memory and semiconductor landscape (with special emphasis on DRAM) via market updates, Market Monitors, and Pricing Monitors. Mike is also deeply involved in the business development of all memory activities.

Mike has a deep understanding of the DRAM and memory markets with a valuable combination of industry and market research experience. For the decade prior to joining Yole, Mike was the Senior Director of DRAM and Memory Research at IHS. Before IHS, Mike worked at Micron Technology where he had roles in corporate development, marketing, and engineering.

Mike earned a Master of Business Administration at The Ohio State University (United-States), a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in Finance at the University of Washington (Washington, United-States).


Raj Parmar headshotWalt Coon joins Yole Développement’s memory team as VP of NAND and Memory Research, part of the Semiconductor & Software division.

Walt is leading the day-to-day production of both market updates, Market Monitors and Pricing Monitors, with a focus on the NAND market and semiconductor industries. In addition, he is deeply involved in the business development of these activities.

Walt has significant experience within the memory & semiconductor industry. He spent 16 years at Micron Technology, managing the team responsible for competitor benchmarking, and industry supply, demand, and cost modeling. His team also supported both corporate strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions analysis. Previously, he spent time in Information Systems, developing engineering applications to support memory process and yield enhancement.

Walt Coon earned a Master of Business Administration from Boise State University (Idaho, United-States) and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Utah (United-States).


Belinda Dube SystemPlusConsulting 2018 circleBelinda Dube is working for System Plus Consulting as a Semiconductor Cost Analyst. Belinda is also engaged in the development of reverse engineering & costing analyses with the power electronics and compound semiconductors team.

With an expertise focused on Micro & Nano Electronics, Belinda graduated from INSA (Lyon, France) with a master degree in Instrumentation & Nanotechnology Engineering.





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