DRAM & NAND Memory markets show building strength – Could we be entering the next supercycle? LIVE MARKET BRIEFING



The memory markets struggled through a mixed 2020 but appear to have emerged strongly positioned. Could 2021 be the beginning of another memory supercycle?

In this webcast we’ll explore what the next few quarters and years hold for both the NAND and DRAM markets, including demand, pricing, and profitability.
This webcast will take a quick look back at 2020 to review the recent history of the memory markets before focusing on the near and mid-term prospects for the NAND and DRAM markets. It will cover market dynamics, supply, demand, pricing, and profitability with particular focus on answering the question: Are we entering the next super cycle for memory.

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  • Walt Coon


  • Mike Howard


  • Leonor Martin

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