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The next generation light sensing device with low voltage operations and tunable pixel level sensitivity down to single photons.

Traditionally, photodiodes operate at static voltage and obtain incident light intensity from a relatively weak photocurrent. ActLight has introduced a new concept of photodiode operation. The photodiode is used in a dynamic regime where pulsed voltage is applied to it. Light intensity is defined not by magnitude of the measured photocurrent, but by the delay time of appearance of the strong output current with amplitude independent of the light intensity. This brand new and innovative mode of photodiode operation provides a great improvement of device performance that brings light sensing to the next level. This technology is called Dynamic PhotoDiode (DPD).

Thanks to its unique operating principle and its device structure, the DPD is capable of single photon sensitivity with low operation voltage at 1V, which facilitates effective pixel scaling. ActLight’s DPD single photon sensitivity device is a good candidate for Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) replacement. Recent developments show that the sensitivity of the DPD can be tuned to optimal level taking into account ambient light. 

In this webcast, Yole Développement and ActLight join forces to provide you with their expertise. Yole will introduce the 3D sensing market, an existing market that is bound to grow substantially over the next few years thanks to a wide range of applications.

Meanwhile, ActLight will provide you with an exhaustive explanation of the DPD operating principle and a virtual demo of its unique tunable sensitivity feature.

Attend this webinar to find out about the benefits of using the innovative DPD technology!     


  • Serguei OKHONIN

    Co-founder and CEO at ActLight

  • Denis SALLIN

    Director of Engineering Department at ActLight


    Team Lead Analyst, Imaging & Display at Yole Développement

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ActLight SA, the start-up company founded in 2011 and based in Switzerland, focuses on the field of light sensing by developing a new type of photodetector, the Dynamic PhotoDiode (DPD). Being a fabless company, ActLight specializes in the Intellectual Property (IP) of this area and operates primarily in the IP licensing business model. The patented technology allows the substantial improvement of the efficiency and accuracy of various light sensing applications, such as Time Of Flight (TOF) depth sensing, vital signs monitoring, 3D/2D cameras and much more. ActLight operates in the Internet of Things (IoT) market, with focus on smartphones and wearable devices, healthcare/medtech, autonomous driving, drones and robotics.

Yole Développement (Yole) has grown to become a group of companies providing marketing, technology and strategy consulting, corporate finance services, reverse engineering and costing services and well as IP and patent analysis. With a strong focus on emerging applications using silicon and/or micro manufacturing, Yole Group of Companies has expanded to include more than 80 collaborators worldwide covering MEMS and image sensors, Compound Semiconductors, RF Electronics, Solid-state lighting, Displays, Software, Optoelectronics, Microfluidics & Medical, Advanced Packaging, Manufacturing, Nanomaterials, Power Electronics, Batteries & Energy Management and Memory. Yole, along with its partners System Plus Consulting, PISEO, Knowmade and Blumorpho, support industrial companies, investors and R&D organizations worldwide to help them understand markets and follow technology trends to grow their business.

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