EPIC Meeting on LIDAR Technologies for Automotive at Anteryon

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Eindhoven, Netherlands

LIDAR is the driver of autonomous cars… or not. What we can be sure about is that the LIDAR demands in terms of size, price and reliability by the automotive industry, new developments in photonics need to be made.

The vision of the automotive industry is to place LIDARs in headlights and taillights, bumpers, roof, and other places in the car, at low cost, high durability, low maintenance, high stability, etc. Each of this locations with different required specifications. The goal of the EPIC Meeting on LIDAR for Automotive is to bring together the full supply chain and discuss the unmet needs from TIER1 suppliers and OEMs, and discuss the need for new photonics developments, such as wafer-level and freeform optics, high power laser diodes, integrated photonics, assembly processes…

Alexis Debray - Yole Développement

Meet Yole Développement’s team onsite and attend the presentation of Alexis Debray, MEMS & Sensors Market & Technology Analyst:

Market and Technology of the LiDAR industry.
Wednesday 30 Oct. from 1:45 PM to 2:15 PM.
Do not miss it!