EPIC Meeting on VCSELs Technology and Applications at Sony

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Stuttgart, Germany

Due to their stability, small size, temperature stability, simplicity and low cost of manufacturing and testing, VCSELs are becoming the dominant light source technology in volume applications. With the arrival of VCSELs to consumer markets the new era of semiconductor laser applications has arrived: we can find now VCSELs in smartphones, laptops, drones, robots, and cars enabling new functionalities such as: proximity sensing; high resolution (4K or Retina resolutions), fast frame-rate, and 3D video; remote powering of sensors optically (while simultaneously transmitting data); LIDAR, illumination, night vision, aerospace, and line-of-sight communication links, using high power VCSELs arrays; chip scale atomic clocks (CSAC); indoor positioning systems; and many more.

The purpose of the EPIC Meeting on VCSELs Technology and Applications at Sony aims to bring together some of the companies driving the abovementioned applications together with the full value chain of VCSELs including: OEMs, integrators, device manufacturers, epi houses, foundries, equipment and material suppliers.

Meet Yole Développement’s team onsite and attend its presentation!

Yole Développement will participate in the following:

Pierrick Boulay - Yole Développement

“VCSEL – A market fueled by smartphone applications. But not only…”

Presentation by Pierrick Boulay, Technology & Market Analyst, Solid-state Lighting

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