European Mask and Lithography Conference EMLC 2018

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Grenoble, France

EMLC 2018The focus of this 2 day conference is state-of-the-art of mask technology and lithography, such as mask manufacturing, mask business, lithogra­phy and mask applications, emerging mask & lithography technologies, and mask & lithography equipment.

This conference has annually brought together scientists, researchers, engineers and developers from around the world to present papers at the forefront of research, manufacturing and application. It provides a place where both specialists from industry and advanced research as well as equipment and software providers become acquainted with new developments and results.

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– Lithography technology and trends for More than Moore devices – Advanced Packaging and MEMS devices” on June 20 at 9:35AM
Amandine Pizzagalli, Semiconductor manufacturing activity | SEMICONDUCTOR & SOFTWARE DIVISION

  Photo AmandinePizzagalli YOLE 2018Abstract: Lithography requirements for Advanced Packaging & MEMS are very different compared to mainstream semiconductor industries’ needs. Even if the market entry barrier is much lower in the “More than Moore” market, customer adoptions needs are higher in the packaging area with respect to resolution, overlay, sidewall angle, and depth of focus (DOF), wafer handling for wafer bow and backside alignment.
Key technical trends, requirements and challenges regarding the lithography technologies will be addressed in this paper.
In addition, more insights on the current and emerging lithography methods for More than Moore devices will be included, as well as market forecast, competitive landscape of the major equipment suppliers addressing these fields.


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