EuroSimE 2018

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Toulouse, France

eurosime logoThe 19th EuroSimE will be held in Toulouse, France, on April 15-16-17-18 2018, with technical sponsorship from Institute of Technology Antoine de Saint Exupéry as Local Organiser, and from IEEE-EPS for publishing accepted papers in IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

A new topic is introduced, vibration : methods to derive the endurance strength under vibration, FE methods to derive the dynamic response under vibration, material characterization and modeling for FE models under vibration, vibration load profile derivation and transfer to FE models.

Ask for a meeting and meet Yole Developpement’s team.
Feel free to attend to the special session :

Photo EmilieJolivet YOLE 2018

 Panel: “Should we rethink the reliability standards for these heterogeneous integrated SIP packages?” on April 17 at 5:30PM
Emilie Jolivet, Division Director |Semiconductor & Software


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