Heterogeneous Integration: The Path Forward

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Realizing the cost and performance benefits

MEPTEC continues to cover leading-edge topics in semiconductor packaging with its Fall 2018 Symposium “Heterogeneous Integration: The Path Forward.” Industry leaders will present the latest updates on technical and business issues related to integration of different types of semiconductor devices. This field has been identified as the next critical area for the semiconductor industry to continue to advance, as progress via Moore’s Law scaling becomes increasingly cost-prohibitive or prevented by insurmountable technical challenges. With progress in many areas, cost and performance benefits are finally being realized, and previously impossible combinations of devices are now possible.

This year’s symposium will follow up on MEPTEC’s successful Heterogeneous Integration Symposium in 2017 and is scheduled for December 5, 2018 at SEMI’s headquarters in Milpitas, CA.

The morning sessions will focus on markets, applications, and the supply chain for heterogeneous integration, outlining the motivations and opportunities in automotive electronics, artificial intelligence, defense, high-performance computing, mobile, and other markets. In the afternoon, technical experts in heterogeneous integration will review the latest updates on the specific challenges in design and manufacturing of heterogeneously integrated devices. Keynotes speakers will set the stage for the business and technical landscapes, and case study presentations will also enlighten the audience on the working of the heterogeneous integration field. As always, MEPTEC will also provide networking opportunities with exhibitors and meeting areas during breaks and after the scheduled program.

Contact: http://www.meptec.org/2018Q4/

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