IMID 2018

Tradeshows & Conferences

Busan, Korea

imid 2018 logo yoleIMID 2018 continues a series of annual conference began in 2001, organized by the Korean Information Display Society (KIDS), the Society for Information Display (SID), and the Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA). The IMID has become a premier conference for academic, industry, and business leaders to meet, publish results, and share knowledge in the information display.
The conference includes keynote presentations, technical oral presentations, tutorials, workshops, poster presentations, special exhibition. The IMID 2018 will be a great opportunity for everyone attending to enrich their professional network.

Ask for a meeting and meet Yole Developpement’s team onsite.

Feel free to attend our presentation:

EVirey round– “MicroLED Displays: Hype and Reality, Hopes and Challenges“, August 30
Eric Virey, Principal Analyst, Technology & Market, Sapphire & Display at Yole Développement



ZineBouhamri Pro YOLE2018 BD BlackBackground round– “The Landscape of Electroluminescent Quantum Dots Technology: Trends and Opportunities“, August 29
Zine Bouhamri, Technology & Market Analyst, Displays at Yole Développement







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