IMPACT-IAAC 2019 Conference

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Taipei, Taiwan

IMPACT-IAAC 2019 Conference, which is organized by IEEE EPS-Taipei, iMAPS-Taiwan, ITRI and TPCA, is the largest gathering of packaging and PCB professionals in Taiwan. This year will be held in conjunction with TPCA SHOW 2019 on Oct. 23th-25th at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. For grasping the latest trend, the symposium highlights the theme “IMPACT-IAAC on 5G-Evolution& Revolution.” The emergence of the fifth generation of mobile communications with its emphasis on massive MIMO and channel bandwidths over 1 GHz at mmWave frequencies is set to change everything we used to know about the design, validation and operation of cellular systems.

IMPACT-IAAC 2019 looks at the technical implications of the validation of cellular systems, and in particular the necessity of moving to radiated testing of systems where beam-steered antenna arrays are used at both ends of the link in highly dynamic 3D fading environments. Credible solutions need to be found urgently for the timescales for the proposed deployment of 5G in 2020 are to be realized.IMPACT-IAAC 2019 arrange plenary speeches, special sessions, invited talks, industrial sessions, posters and outstanding paper presentations. Furthermore, IMPACT-IAAC Conference keeps collaborating with international organizations such as ICEP from Japan and iNEMI from U.S.A.

Yole Développement will participate in the following:

“The Market Trend of 5G “

On October 23rd at 1:10PM,

AI Application Processor Market & Technology Roadmap

On October 24th at 1:10PM,

by Emilie Jolivet, Semiconductor & Software Division Director at Yole Développement

“Automotive Packaging Market & Technology Trends 2019”

On October 24th, at 2:40PM, by Santosh Kumar, Principal Analyst and Director Packaging, Assembly & Substrates, Yole Korea
Yole Développement

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