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“The Connected World”

MEMS World Summit is the world’s largest gathering of senior executives in the MEMS industry.

This event can offer you many unique advantages, including:

  • Global Networking
  • Business Expansion
  • Growth Forecasting
  • Funding Access

Industry challenges and opportunities

Suffering prices, lower costs, environmental and political support, evolving technologies – this is the market we deal with. Future Technologies from Organic Electronics to silicon wafer market research. Our strong presence in Asia, notably China and Taiwan remain the well-established frontrunners in advanced technology.

Meet Yole Développement’s team onsite and assist the following presentation:

Eric Mounier Yole Développement

Megatrends impacts on MEMS

March 18, 2019 at 2PM
By Dr. Eric Mounier, Fellow Analyst for Yole Développement

Abstract: The current world is under big changes with megatrends affecting our everyday life: autonomous and connected cars, 5G, new human-interface, health care, industry 4.0 … all are driven by new societal demands and will change the way we life and work. But these changes cannot occur without an increasing content of semiconductors and specially sensors and MEMS in the end-systems. For smart transportation, for example, the development of robotic and autonomous vehicles will drive the demand for ADAS systems, lidars, dead reckoning sensors. Infrastructure and mobile industry will also be impacted by 5G and more sensing capabilities in smartphones, Health requires more MEMS in patient monitoring, IVD testing, medical imaging, patient care, drug delivery, and pharma research. And besides established MEMS markets that continue to grow (such as pressure sensors), there is also a shift from physical parameters sensing (movement, pressure) to more “advanced” sensing capabilities: RF waves, infra-red and hyperspectral, odors… This will drive a new wave of innovation for MEMS technologies. This talk will review the world megatrends and impact for MEMS. Forecast in MEMS units and value will be discussed as well as future trends in terms of technologies and challenges.

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