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San Fransisco, USA

OLED world summit 2018 yoleAs the longest running conference dedicated to the lighting and display industry, the OLEDs World Summit is the only place to get a comprehensive view of the current OLED market, innovations for the future, and competing and emergent technologies.
Connecting you with some of the biggest players in the OLEDs industry, including seven of the top companies within the supply chain, this annual conference brings together leaders from Audi, Apple, LG Display, The Boeing Company, Samsung, and many others.


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– MicroLEDs: A Credible Alternative to OLEDs ?” at 9Am on September 19th
 Zine Bouhamri, Technology & Market Analyst specialised in Displays at Yole Développement

ZineBouhamri Pro YOLE2018 HD BlackBackground roundAbstract: The high-end TV market drives the innovation and OLED is dominating the fierce competition that exists with Quantum Dot-based TV sets. MicroLED technology appears like a serious contender that everybody is interested in. Indeed, hype toward MicroLED displays has grown exponentially since the acquisition of Luxvue by Apple in 2014.

Contact: https://www.oledsworldsummit.com/

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