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pcim EU 2018 BANNER 150x87 E staticPCIM Europe Conference is an outstanding user-oriented platform with current lectures of leading companies and universities of all sectors of power electronics. The conference addresses key issues in the field of power electronics, as well as the latest trends and future developments in industry and academia. The unique combination of the exhibition and the conference turns PCIM Europe into the internationally most important meeting platform for the sector.


Ask for a meeting and meet Yole Développement’s team on booth 6-152 !

Feel free to attend our presentations:

– SiC and GaN, which challenges remain in the road to success?” on May 5 at 1:00PM
Dr. Ana Villamor, Technology & Market Analyst, Power Electronics & Compound Semiconductors at Yole Développement

AVI Pro BW GreyBackground CopieAbstract: From SiC and GaN intrinsic properties that are better compare to Silicon to a market success, many difficulties are slowing down the adoption rate. In this presentation, Yole Développement will review the remaining challenging that SiC and GaN power devices have to overcome (cost, reliability, integration, supply chain…).

Here is the presentation.


 – Automotive power modules, design changes and technology innovations to come?” on May 6 at 10:00AM at Market Briefing
Claire Troadec, Division Director, Power & Wireless at Yole Développement

CT 019Abstract: With its market adoption, EV/HEV is about to represent a large part of the overall power electronics industry. Automotive industry is known to drive standard and push new technology to the market. In this market briefing, Yole Développement and its guest speakers will present how automotive electrification is changing the power module supply chain and increase opportunities for new technologies to be adopted.

Here is the presentation. 


 – How will Battery Packs requirements impact Power Electronics market?” on May 7 at 12:30PM
Dr. Milan Rosina, Senior Technology & Market Analyst, Battery Management Systems at Yole Développement

MROAbstract: Many power electronic systems are now coupled with batteries. It enables new businesses while ensuring a better overall efficiency and Total Cost of Ownership. At battery pack level, many technologies are now introduce to ensure the requirements in term of cooling, safety or operating conditions. Yole Développement will present how those battery packs requirements are impacting the power electronic market.

Here is the presentation.

Contact: https://www.mesago.de/en/PCIM/

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