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imaps dpc2018 USA yole developpementPIC International 2018 will provide timely, comprehensive coverage of every important sector within the photonics integrated circuits industry. Attendees at the 3rd PIC International conference will hear industry-leading insiders deliver over 30 presentations spanning five sectors.

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– Silicon Photonics, current status and future perspectives” on April 11 at 3:15PM
Eric Mounier, Senior Analyst | MEMS Devices & Technologies

Photo GuillaumeGirardin YOLE 2018Abstract: With Big Data getting bigger by the second, transporting this level of data with existing technologies will soon reach its limit in terms of power consumption, density, and weight. It is now sure that photons will continue replacing electrons throughout networks, including in the Data Centre, the rack, and very soon on the board. The question is: how to achieve this at low cost? The answer is quite simple: market volume in million units will allow scale factor that will drive the cost down. This is the quite simple equation that Silicon Photonics, fundamentally a semiconductor-based process, must solve. Si photonics has been under development for years, but there are still only a few products on the market… More here

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