PIC International Conference 2020

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Brussels, Belgium

Due to the increasing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Europe the PIC International has been postponed until later in 2020.

Yole Développement invites you to join us at the PIC International Conference 2020.

The 5th PIC International conference will build on the success of its predecessors, with industry-leading insiders delivering more than 30 presentations spanning 5 sectors.

Attendees at the two-day conference will gain an up-to-date overview of the status of the Photonics industry, and will have the opportunity to meet many other key players within the community.

PIC International is part of AngelTech, which delivers a portfolio of insightful, informative, highly valued chip-level conferences. Bringing together 3 conferences, 700+ delegates, 80+ exhibitors, 120+ presentations and numerous networking opportunities, AngelTech is the number one global event covering compound semiconductor, photonic integrated circuit and sensor technologies. With a strong over-lap between the three conferences, attendees and exhibitors are exposed to the full relevant supply chains and customer and supplier bases.

Yole Développement will participate in the following:

Eric Mounier - Yole Développement

Silicon Photonics, beyond the tipping point!

Eric Mounier, Fellow Analyst – Photonics, Sensing & Display at Yole Développement.

Abstract: GAFAMs are today the driving force behind the deployment of Si photonics technology. They are currently setting up networks of interconnected data centers with local data centers at the nodes of the mesh. As a consequence, Silicon photonics is putting a lot of pressure on other PIC platforms, such as InP (the most widespread) and it is likely that InP, and other PIC platform players, could embark on acquisitions in the future to bring this technology in-house. More… here