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Attend the presentation of Alexy Debray, MEMS & Sensors Technology & Market Analyst for Yole Développement. Meet him onsite

Alexis Debray - Yole Développement

Market drivers for industrial 3D imaging & sensing

The last 3 years has been a tremendous journey for 3D imaging & sensing. While it made headline news due to smartphone adoption, billions of dollars have poured into the industry. This story is a typical disruption case where a technology originally nurtured in a high end niche, found its way to serve an unserved market at the bottom. Now 3D technology is moving up the market segments extremely quickly. In the Machine Vision space it made giant leaps both due to both refined technologies and a new set of applications powered by industry 4.0.

The first application set is for logistics, whether it is picking or sizing non-standard object, or to move around AGVs, 3D cameras have been propelled by the explosion of demand. The second Application is in the medical space where rise of robotics has also been tremendous and is looking for the best technology to bring the industry forward. The third application is in agriculture where growth has been more timid than expected but we envision high investments in the years to come.

This presentation will look at the market situation both forecast wise and application wise and will describe the sensor technology set. In many cases the new approach is for fusion of sensory inputs and therefore there is more than 3D vision into the application use cases. Modeling and computing becomes extremely important and several technologies are in competition to serve specific use cases. 3D imaging & sensing has become a key new frontier for Machine Vision.

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