Why can’t I buy a car? Supply chain disruption and other MCU market trends – LIVE MARKET BRIEFING



Covid 19, supply chain interruptions, vehicle electrification & the transition of the smartcard market are a few of the MCU market trends presented.

What has frequently been labelled a ‘semiconductor shortage’ is misleading and more complex. This webcast presents the data from Yole’s MCU Market Monitor to address the supply chain disruption.

This live market broadcast provides a snapshot of the overall market for MCUs and a few of the major market trends extracted from the Yole’s highly detailed Microcontroller Market Monitor 2021 Q2 Edition.

Some trends get a lot of press with not enough information such as the semiconductor shortage that is more appropriately named a supply chain disruption. When a $50k automobile sits in a factory lot waiting for a $2 part, it tends to catch people’s attention. Other market trends discussed represent more subtle market evolutions with even a surprise or two.  This webinar will offer insights into today’s trends driving tomorrow’s connected world.Microcontrollers represent about 90% of all processors shipped. So, whether you’re looking for a few key statistics about the overall microcontroller market such as revenue forecast, market share or process node, or you want to hear about the story behind the headlines, this webinar offers a better understanding of the commonly unseen world of microcontrollers.

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