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Easy Access to MEMS - MEMS Foundries, the better Solution
Thursday 01 June 2017
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ZVEI lofo 2017THe conference on MEMS Foundries will be held within the framework of the leading European sensor fair, Sensor+Test 2017 (30th May to 1st June 2017) in Nuremberg, Germany.

The conference will provide an overview of the foundry landscape in Germany and Europe: it will showcase the different types of foundry, and discuss different definitions of
the terms “foundry” and “platform technologies”.

The aim of the event will be to present MEMS foundries, together with their capabilities and offerings, in order to reduce the barriers for small and medium companies, which often do not have easy access to foundries. It will provide different business models and supply chains enabled by using foundries.
The focus of the 2017 conference will be the supply chain for MEMS devices. There will be speakers from different companies which provide design solutions, manufacturing services, test techniques, packaging support and volume production capabilities. Presentations on the leading MEMS foundries and the latest MEMS market overviews will also be given. Modern production technologies, as well as responsibilities within the supply chain, will be described by speakers from different positions within the supply chain of MEMS products for automotive and consumer applications.
The conference should help to create new networks and new business opportunities for both the foundries and potential foundry users. Fabless companies which already use MEMS foundries for their products are invited to report their experiences, or to give recommendations for improved foundry services.


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