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CS International Conference
From Tuesday 10 April 2018
To Wednesday 11 April 2018

imaps dpc2018 USA yole developpementCS International 2018 will provide timely, comprehensive coverage of every important sector within the compound semiconductor industry. Attendees at this two-day conference will have many opportunities to meet industry-leading players within this community.

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Feel free to attend our presentations:

- "GaN on Si Market and industry development" on April 10 at 3:35PM
Hong Lin, Technology & Market Analyst | Compound Semiconductors & Power Electronics

Photo HongLin YOLE 2018Abstract: GaN on silicon has been a promising solution since the very beginning as its potential of CMOS compatibility and reduced cost. In this presentation different markets and applications of GaN on-silicon technology, including power electronics, RF and lighting, will be presented. The competitive scenarios of incumbent technology as well as challenges and main barriers for GaN on-silicon development will be outlined. Key applications for the adoption and their impact on the supplier chain will be presented... More here


- "Revolutionising displays with MicroLEDs" on April 11 at 9:20AM
Pars Mukish, Business Unit Manager | Solid State Lighting & Displays

Photo ParsMukish YOLE 2018Abstract: With the increasing success of OLED, and mounting interest in QLED, emissive technologies have already proven their worth and enabled a variety of consumer products with stunning display performance. But microLED could very be another disruptive display technology for a variety of applications. Since the acquisition of startup Luxvue by Apple in 2014 and that of InfiniLED by Facebook-Oculus last year, inorganic LEDs have generated a lot of attention... More here


Location Brussels, Belgium
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