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From Tuesday 13 November 2018
To Friday 16 November 2018

logo semicon europa 2018 yoleThe Semicon Europa is one of the largest international trade fairs for semiconductor equipment, materials and services in Europe. The exhibition focuses on the critical issues and challenges in the field of microelectronics. Companies providing equipment, materials and services for the manufacturing of semiconductors including wafer manufacturing, test and packaging will be offered its own platform. This fair shows the latest products and innovations of the semiconductor technology, the centerpiece of the exhibition, such as thin-film and processor technology, PV systems and their materials as well as solar panels and displays. Here, particular emphasis is placed on the needs of the steadily increasing applications market, calling for the development of special materials, packaging and testing, as well as innovative structures and processes. The Semicon Europa is Europe's leading showcase for technologies that are at the cutting edge of the microelectronics industry and highlights the areas of research and development. As an information and communication platform it offers high-caliber technical conferences, forums and programs and excellent networking opportunities.


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Feel free to attend our presentations:

JeanChristophe Pro YOLE2018 BD BlackBackground round- "Wafer for More than Moore applications is becoming a major market" on November 13 at 11:35AM during the Strategic Materials Conference
Jean-Christophe Eloy, CEO & President of Yole Développement

 Abstract: Wafer demand (including MEMS & sensors, CIS, and power, along with RF devices) for More than Moore (MtM) reached almost 45 million 8-inch eq wafers in 2017. Wafer demand is expected to reach more than 66 million 8-inch eq wafers by 2023, with an almost 10% CAGR2017 - 2023. Numerous megatrend market drivers will contribute to MtM devices’ growth : 5G (wireless infrastructure & mobile), mobile (including additional functionalities), voice processing, smart automotive, and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), artificial intelligence. Regarding semiconductor material, although silicon is by far the most dominant, alternative non-silicon-based substrates like SiGe, GaAs, GaN, and SiC are increasing their importance within the MtM industry. Choosing the right substrate technology will strongly depend on the technical performance associated with the megatrends’s requirements, as well as the cost.The presentation will highlight the market trends and the impact on the wafer start for the different wafer substrates... More here


MilanRosina Pro YOLE2018 BD GreyBackground round- "How battery pack evolutions create opportunities for power electronics companies" on November 15 at 12:20PM during the Battery Session - Show floor - TechARENA 2
Milan Rosina, Senior Technology & Market Analyst, Power Electronics & Batteries at Yole Développement

 Abstract: With energy densities increasing 5-8% year, batteries are making their way from conventional portable device applications into automotive traction and renewable energy grids. Only 5 years ago over 60% of the lithium-ion battery market was driven by consumer applications. In the meantime, there is a totally different mix of market shares for this technology. Consumer applications are now only representing a good 20%, automotive about 30% and the field of renewable energy roughly 40%. Thus, a more intense interaction with electronics is what we see today. However, the technology development of battery technologies is still mainly at a research level. Compared to other high-tech industries the progress in technological advancements of batteries, Li-ion and others (such as e.g. Na-S, Li-S), requires further and continuous cooperation among research and industry to reach higher market shares... More here


Location Munich, Germany
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