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3D Systems Summit
From Monday 28 January 2019
To Wednesday 30 January 2019

3D Systems SummitFrom 3D technologies to Heterogeneous Integration and High-Density Systems for different applications

The 3D & Systems Summit will address the most relevant and controversial topics related to 3D integration and system in packaging manufacturing as well as applications. After six successful editions of the European 3D Summit, SEMI Europe invites you to join the 1st Edition of 3D & Systems Summit taking place in January 2019 in Dresden, Germany. The event will offer a brand new agenda, invited high-caliber speakers, exhibition area and unique networking opportunities to all participants and exhibitors.

Registration is open, early bird pricing until January 1, 2019.

3DIC Through-Silicon-Via (TSV) technology
2.5D, 3D FO-WLP/e-WLB
Active and passive interposers
Stacked dies or stacked wafers
3D alternative technologies
5G Integration
Invited speakers and Keynotes
Exhibition area
Networking opportunities


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and meet Yole Group of Companies's team onsite.

Feel free to attend our presentations:

Romain Fraux - System Plus Consulting- "From 2.5D/3D to SiP and FO-WLP: Overview of the latest advanced packaging platforms on the market" on January 28th, Session 1: Market Briefing
Romain Fraux, CEO at System Plus Consulting

 Abstract: This presentation will review the latest advanced packaging technologies available on the market. Which pictures extracted from teardowns and structural analyses of several devices, comparisons will be made to offer a good understanding of these high challenging packaging technologies. The 2.5D/3D integration will be reviewed showing the structure used by key players such as Nvidia, AMD and Intel. Comparison between silicon interposer and EMIB will be made. Evolution of the CMOS Image Sensors 3D stacking will be also highlighted, comparing solutions such as TSV or hybrid bonding. A focus on RF SiP will be presented, highlighting the challenge to integrate always more frequency bands for FEM SiP, or to integrate mmWave solution in a package. Examples taken from analyses of Broadcom, Qorvo, Qualcomm and others will be used showing platforms such as RF SiP, Double-sided molded SiP or Antenna in Package (AiP). Finally, an overview of the latest automotive radar integrations will be proposed, to see if FO-WLP is still the technology of choice for 77-79GHz chipsets. More... here


Thibault Buisson - "Trends in Automotive Packaging 2018
Thibault Buisson, CTO at Yole Développement

 Abstract: Nowadays, the automotive industry is looking more and more into semiconductor products and expectations will get higher in the next coming years. Driven by the adoption of more electronics components inside vehicles, the semiconductor industry start to face a very high demand. In this context, advanced packaging technology will become more and more preponderant, needs are indeed getting more specific regarding regulations and qualifications as well as testing in the automotive industry.

In the past, advanced packaging platforms supplied by OSATs were not intensively used for the automotive market. Tier 1 and OEMs were the ones benefiting from this market segment. In this dynamic trend, OSATs account today almost for a third of the total revenue for automotive advanced packaging and this proportion will keep growing. This change has been made enable due to the increasing quantity of devices, diversification of components, the increased complexity of the packaging and the reliability of specific manufacturers. 

The cars become the new “consumer” products, therefore this is key today to adapt the current consumer technologies to automotive in order to drive the innovation. Although the main platform in term of units today is the Wire Bond Ball Grid Array, which represents half of the market, advanced packaging platforms such as flip-chip and fan-out are finding their place. In the other hand, autonomous driving could be, in a close future, the main trend to push to transfer 3D package from established markets to the automotive market. Higher computing performances and interconnections density are claim for this application but reliability is a keystone in automotive which could be a drag for this technology first. More... here


Location Dresden, Germany
January 2019
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