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SiC and GaN devices for the power electronics market
Tuesday 10 January 2017, 05:00pm - 06:00pm
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Webcast GaN SiC for Power Electronics market - Yole Développement

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SiC and GaN devices for the power electronics market
Technology is progressing, players are arriving, and promising applications are emerging. The SiC and GaN power device market is growing.

For power electronics applications, wide bandgap (WBG)-based technologies (particularly silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN)) are commonly accepted as capable alternatives to incumbent silicon-based technology. In fact, most power module and power inverter manufacturers have already included WBG in their roadmap as an option or a firm project. Time-to-market does, however, differ from application to application as a value function related to cost, specifications, availability, etc.

Based on Yole Développement’s most recent reports and System Plus Consulting’s latest teardowns, this important webcast offers an in-depth summary of the strategy, business, and technology trends impacting the SiC and GaN power industry.



HongLin Casual YOLE2015 WB

Hong Lin, Compound Semiconductors & Power Electronics Technology & Market Analyst, Yole Développement
Dr. Hong Lin works at Yole Développement, the "More than Moore" market research and strategy consulting company, as a technology and market analyst since 2013. She is specialized in compound semiconductors and provides technical and economic analysis. Before joining Yole Développement, she worked as R&D engineer at Newstep Technologies. She was in charge of the development of cold cathodes by PECVD for visible and UV lamp applications based on nanotechnologies. She holds a Ph.D in Physics and Chemistry of materials.



Elena Barbarini System Plus Consulting
Elena Barbarini, Senior Cost Engineer, System Plus Consulting

Elena Barbarini is in charge of costing analyses for MEMS, IC and Power Semiconductors. She has a deep knowledge of Electronics R&D and Manufacturing environment. Elena holds a Master in Nanotechnologies and a PhD in PowerElectronics.






Camille Veyrier, Marketing & Communication Project Manager, Yole Développement

Since 2009, Camille Veyrier has been one of Yole Développement’s Marketing and Communication Project Managers, in charge of events organization and media product development (websites, e-newsletters, etc.). Camille works closely with Yole Développement’s Corporate Communication department, specifically in the fields of Power Electronics, Advanced Packaging, Compound Semiconductors, LED and Displays. Camille earned a degree in Communication & Marketing from a leading Translation and International Business school in Lyon.



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