Expansion and engineering of allogeneic natural killer cells for enhanced anti-tumor activity

Approved by the U.S. food and drug administration two years ago, adoptive cell therapy have shown its incredible values in many cancer types. However, there is still much to be done to reach its full potential. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Inaugural Adoptive Cell Therapy conference program will gather experts in the field to address clinical progress, discuss strategies to reduce toxicity, increase efficacy, production and cost-effectiveness, along with showcasing advances in NK cells, tumor infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL), CAR T and allogeneic cells.

Some of the important topics that will be discussed at this meeting are:

· Regulatory approaches for cell and gene therapy

· The pursuit of tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (tils) for solid tumor

· Advances in clinical trials

· The future of allogeneic cell therapy

· Expansion and Engineering of Allogeneic Natural Killer Cells for Enhanced Anti-Tumor Activity

James Trager, PhD, CSO, Nkarta

Natural Killer (NK) cells play an important role in tumor control; their lack of HLA restriction provides an opportunity for development of effective off-the-shelf NK cell products. Increasing understanding of the mechanisms by which NK cells are activated and inhibited in the tumor microenvironment has allowed targeted engineering to enhance their anti-tumor activity.

· Exploiting Natural Killer Cell Receptors for Autologous and Allogeneic CAR T Cell Therapy of Cancer

Peggy Sotiropoulou, PhD, Director, R&D, Celyad

The NK cell activating receptor NKG2D binds to eight different ligands commonly over-expressed in cancer, while being generally absent from healthy tissues. Preliminary data from clinical trials assessing NKG2D-based CAR T cells have shown promising clinical activity in both hematological and solid tumors. Our results in using autologous and allogeneic NKG2D-based CAR T cells will be discussed.

Source: https://www.triconference.com/

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