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Yole Group, a unique, comprehensive, global vision of the semiconductor and related industries

Yole Développement and System Plus Consulting announce the creation of Yole Group and its entities, Yole Intelligence and Yole SystemPlus.

For more than a year, both partners have been considering a common and unique evolution of the two companies. This stems from the development of the semiconductor industry and its growth, questions and requests from manufacturers and other leading players, and the need to clarify what each company offers.

Today the project was successful with:

  • The creation of Yole Intelligence, which encompasses the expertise of Yole Développement, with a strong focus on market and technology trends.
  • The new name of System Plus Consulting: Yole SystemPlus
  • And the introduction of Yole Group, with a new visual identity combining Yole Intelligence and Yole SystemPlus.

The clearly identified distribution of product and consulting services offered by Yole Intelligence and Yole SystemPlus is presented on a new and dynamic internet platform, www.yolegroup.com. This new and attractive website enables easy navigation and quick access to valuable information.