FLIR Boson 640 Pro: what is this market-leading product worth?

“The Boson camera from FLIR is a compact LWIR thermal camera module, available in different versions,” states Joël Thomé, CEO at PISEO, part of Yole Group of Companies.

Fueled by multiple drivers, including the need to measure the temperature of many people due to COVID-19 as well as the need for surveillance, the market for IR thermal imaging cameras and modules is expanding at a rapid pace. PISEO’s partner, Yole Développement (Yole), expects an 8% CAGR between 2019 and 2025. Many new players, especially from Asia, have already started disrupting the market with impressive innovations. In this highly competitive environment, users, integrators, and sensor manufacturers need to discriminate between marketed products based on accurate and independent assessments of performance and features. PISEO offers valuable performance analyses and helps the leading players to make appropriate choices.

With a dedicated team of analysts, PISEO investigates the disruptive thermal imaging technologies and evaluates the latest innovations.

As an independent innovation center, the company releases today a new performance report dedicated to this camera: FLIR BOSON Thermal Camera Performance Analysis. This report follows the previous one dedicated to iRAY’s T3S camera: iRAY T3S Thermal Camera Performance Analysis.
Today, PISEO’s team reveals how the successful FLIR Boson camera module performs, from sensor detection through to image production. Carried out by a team of experienced optical and system engineers, PISEO’s report is based on robust and comprehensive test protocols and thorough analyses of the test results. The outcome of this process is a set of typical performance indicators, such as responsivity, NETD, scene dynamic, operability…, leading to functionality assessment and image quality appreciation. Together, they make it possible for PISEO to develop its own benchmark procedure for thermal cameras, which enabled them to test independently the FLIR Boson 640 Pro Camera.

What are the functionalities and uses of the Boson 640 Pro camera? What is the optical architecture and design, as defined by FLIR? What are the performance characteristics of the camera? Is the performance in line with FLIR’s announcement and datasheet?
PISEO’s analysts invite you to discover the technical choices made by FLIR, through an in-depth added-value analysis of its Boson 640 Pro camera… Full story


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