France has a quantum plan

An article written by Anne-Francoise Pelé for EETIMES Europe – After months of consultations with scientific experts, France unveiled a national plan for quantum technologies in January. 2020 looks like it could be the year when theories become facts.

Commissioned by the French Prime Minister in April 201, the mission on quantum technologies ended with the submission of a 6-page report titled “Quantum the technological shift that France will not miss.” This article does not exhaustively describe the six ambitions, six recommendations, and  proposals but provides an overview analysis of France’s quantum strategy.

“2019 was a defining year for quantum technologies,” said Paula Forteza, French Member of Parliament in charge of the report, during its presentation ceremony. “China has developed the world’s first quantum satellite station. Google, Amazon, and many other U.S. companies have made significant announcements. European countries have launched their action plans. The world is getting ready. The world is investing. The world is gaining skills, and it’s urgent for France to work on this subject and make the right investments.”

Deploying infrastructure

Quantum computing could change everything. It could solve problems we are not even aware of and open new avenues by addressing key industrial simulation and optimization challenges in chemical research, financial services, health care, life science, manufacturing, and defense. Conscious of what is at stake, France announced its ambition to develop fault-tolerant large-scale quantum computers and create, by the end of the decade, Europe’s first fabless supplier of silicon-based processors. In the meantime, France is considering the development of noisy intermediate-scale quantum computers with applications in chemistry, logistics, and artificial intelligence.

Eric Mounier - Yole Développement

Are these ambitions realistic and achievable” To assess France’s chances for success, EE Times Europe consulted Eric Mounier, quantum expert and fellow analyst at Yole Développement. “France is worldclass for its strong competencies in mathematics, a critical discipline for quantum >computing,” he said. “We also have strong knowledge in engineering and software, which are key to the development of quantum computers. France’s main weakness is — as always — industrialization, and crossing the chasm of RD to commercial products is still challenging in France. But we have interesting quantum startups and industry champions that will support quantum technologies.”Full story

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