GaAs Wafer and Epiwafer Market: RF, Photonics, LED, and PV Applications – Webcast video

Apple is changing the future of GaAs wafer and epiwafer market

Watch the replay of our webcast broadcast on January 28, 2019 now:

As one of the most mature compound semiconductors, GaAs has been ubiquitous in RF applications, particularly in power amplifiers in handset, as well as in red-orange-yellow LED applications. However, since 2017 GaAs wafer has been particularly notable in photonics applications. Apple, with its iPhoneX put under the spotlight on GaAs-based VCSELs, using for 3D sensing function.

The technical choice made by Apple creates a real and vast enthusiasm paving the way for a significant boost in the GaAs wafer and epiwafer markets. In this webinar, Yole will provide an overview of the GaAs industrial landscape, covering the value chain from wafer and epitaxy to device, with a particular focus on GaAs material for smartphone’s application and its 3D sensing function. In addition, overview of the technology and market challenges at the GaAs substrate and epiwafer, as well as Yole’s understanding of the market’s current dynamics and future evolution will be addressed. Yole also has the pleasure to have Drew Nelson, president & CEO of IQE, to present their GaAs activity as well as CS connected, the world’s first compound semiconductor cluster.


Ezgi Dogmus, Technology & Market Analyst, Compound Semiconductors & Emerging Materials

Drew Nelson, President and CEO of IQE


GaAs Wafer and Epiwafer Market: RF, Photonics, LED and PV Applications
Photonics applications are driving the GaAs wafer and epiwafer market into a new era.

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