GACHA, the first self driving shuttle bus, gets rough weather LiDAR

RoboSense, a company famous for its LiDAR technology and honoree of a CES 2019 Innovation Award, just announced a major breakthrough for self driving shuttle busses.

The company provided all-weather LiDAR for GACHA, the first autonomous shuttle bus designed to handle impossible weather and temperature conditions.

GACHA is made by Sensible4, a Finnish-based company, so you can understand the need for some winter gear.

Equipped with a cold-resistant 16-beam LiDAR system from RoboSense, the GACHA can run even in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees F), conditions that are a regular occurrence in places like Finland.

Even more, this LiDAR system also solves the issue of snowy and icy roads playing tricks with the image self-driving detection capabilities.

To do so, the RoboSense cold-resistant LiDAR “sees” in 3D by emiting and receiving laser pulses, using point cloud algorithms to recognize obstacles even in snowy weather.

With this on board, the GACHA robot bus fleet is ready for deployment and that’s happening sooner than you think!

The first self-driving shuttle buses with this technology are hitting Finnish roads this April.


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