GaN Systems gets investment from SPARX

GaN Systems of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (a fabless developer of gallium nitride-based power switching semiconductors for power conversion and control applications) says that it has received investment from SPARX Mirai Creation Fund II’.

Mirai fund provides capital to companies with the goal of accelerating innovation. One of the main targets is vehicle electrification. Mirai fund’s LP investors include Toyota Motor.

At the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show in October, the All GaN Vehicle was revealed. Developed by Nagoya University Institute for Future Materials and Systems and Toyota Advanced Power Electronics Research Division, it features multiple applications of gallium nitride in an electric car: in the traction inverter (where GaN improves efficiency by 20%, extending the driving range of the car on one battery charge), in the DC-DC converter (which allows a 75% reduction in size of the system), in the on-board charger, and in the LED lighting (where GaN lights the road during night driving). The All GaN Vehicle has recently been driven in and around Tokyo.

GaN Systems says that it continues to establish a strong position in the automotive industry with additional customers and strategic investors realizing the value proposition of GaN and using the transistors in EV powertrain applications, namely the traction inverter, on-board charger, and DC-DC converter.

The combination of confidence in our best-in-class device performance, the release of the industry’s highest-current-rated devices, and our device reliability exceeding the AEC-Q101 automotive industry standards, has contributed to more and more automotive OEMs and tier-1 companies investing in our company and using our devices,” says CEO Jim Witham.

After evaluating a variety of power semiconductor technologies and designs, GaN has emerged as a critical building block for power in automotive applications, and our investment in GaN Systems complements our vision to shape the future and impact our world,” comments SPARX president & CEO Shuhei Abe.


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