High-End performance packaging: what are the impacts of the big players on the supply chain?

“High-end Packaging technology options are increasingly rich and ground-breaking. WLPs are changing the standard of FE/BE supply chain.” asserts Favier Shoo, Team Lead Analyst, Packaging at Yole Développement (Yole).

A middle zone between FE and BE, where bumping and packaging can be executed on the wafer-level, can be reached by OSATs, WLP houses and IDMs.

In this context, Yole investigates disruptive technologies and related markets in depth, to point out the latest innovations and underline the business opportunities.
In this regard, the High-End Performance Packaging: 3D/2.5D Integration report presents a comprehensive overview of the high-end technologies, classified as high-end performance packaging. According to Yole’s advanced packaging analysts, high-end performance packaging is defined as a forefront packaging technology, which value-adds device performance with high IO density (≥16/mm2) and fine IO Pitch (≤130µm). Yole’s report identifies and analyzes the key market drivers, benefits and challenges of high-end performance packaging technologies by application. With a detailed description of each technologies, their trends and related roadmaps, this study proposes an overview of the supply chain and analyzes the competitive landscape. In addition, this report provides detailed market figures and estimates future trends.

What is the status of the high-end performance packaging industry? What are the economic and technological challenges? What are the key drivers? And who are the major key glass material suppliers?

Yole presents today its vision of the high-end performance packaging industry… Full story

Source: http://www.yole.fr/, https://www.systemplus.fr/

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