How Do EV/HEVs Impact the Power Electronics Industry ? – Power Electronics Market Briefing

Yole Développement had the chance, for the 7th consecutive year, to organize its Power Electronics Market Briefing during PCIM Europe. This year, the topic was “How Do EV/HEVs Impact the Power Electronics Industry ?”.

The event attracted more than 90 attendees gathering valuable industrial experts. It was also the perfect opportunity to meet major players and exchange ideas. We had the chance to listen to unique guest speakers who shared their vision of the market:

  • Milan Rosina, Yole Développement and Elena Barbarini, System Plus Consulting – “Power Module Packaging: Market and Technology Trends
  • Ullas Pandey, CREE-Wolfspeed – “EV Growth Expanding the Horizons of SiC Power Electronics
  • Valentjin van Velthoven, Boschman Advanced Packaging Technology – “The great Convergence

Yole Développement and System Plus Consulting were exhibiting onsite and also had presentations in the Industry Forum that you will find below:

  • Ana Villamor, Technology & Market Analyst, Power Electronics at Yole Développement held a presentation on “SiC and GaN Impact on Traditional Si Power Electronics Industry
  • Milan Rosina, Principal Analyst , Power & Wireless / Batteries at Yole Développement held a presentation on “What is the Impact of Battery, Power Electronics and Electric Motor Global Trends on the EV/HEV Industry?

The detailed presentations are available below, register to access them.

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