iniVation introduces the all-new Foveator eye tracking technology

Foveator uses patented, AI-enabled neuromorphic technology to follow your eye movements at lightning speed, with high accuracy and near-zero latency. Working like a tiny version of your retina and visual system, Foveator powers tracking up to 1 kHz with latency below 3 ms.

Foveator technology enables next-generation VR and AR experiences, including:

  • Foveated rendering
    Better graphics and huge improvements in battery life
  • Foveated streaming
    Save >50% of bandwidth across 4G/5G networks
  • Foveated graphics transport
    Reduce graphics bandwidth needs
  • Ultra-low-power human interaction
    Lower speeds for lightweight, all-day AR battery life

Foveator is powered by the iniVation neuromorphic Dynamic Vision Platform.


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