Inkjet printhead: the industry is driving a new momentum

“The inkjet printhead industry is again moving into a new era of restructuring and huge investments”, announces Jérôme Mouly, Senior Technology & Market Analyst & Business Developer, Inkjet & BioMEMS at Yole Développement (Yole). “The digital (r)evolution is pushing the printing industry into emerging markets. Textile printing, packaging and labels as well as functional printing for printed electronics or displays promise great growth.”
With US$3.3 billion revenue expected in 2024 and a 4.7% CAGR between 2018 and 2024 , industrial printing is fuelling printhead market growth. Yole announces an impressive 13.2% CAGR YoY for the same period. Changes in end-user needs, customization, and point-of-need requirements are motivating the industrial market, fostering digital printing with a huge interest in inkjet technology.

Yole Group of Companies proposes a dedicated online event taking place on September 26 at 5:00 PM CET: Key Events Create New Momentum in the Inkjet Printhead Industry. Powered by Yole and System Plus Consulting, this webcast will offer a detailed description of the industry, technical challenges and market issues. During one-hour event, both partners propose to get a better understanding of the fast changing inkjet market: Register today!
During this webcast, analysts will share key results coming from the latest reports respectively from Yole and System Plus Consulting: Inkjet Printheads: Dispensing Technologies & Market Landscape and inkjet die report portfolio whole the HP746 HDNA Inkjet Die from HP.

The 1st technology & market analysis highlights the main market trends for printhead devices, from consumer to functional printing, and through graphics, industrial, and 3D inkjet printing. Yole’s analysts describe the evolution of the MEMS and conventional printhead markets, and provides 2018 – 2024 penetration rates for the main applications.
System Plus Consulting has long experience of reverse costing studies on printheads, having done more than 15 custom projects. Today its expertise in printhead reverse costings is available with two first Epson and Xaar products. And the HP’s HDNA Inkjet Die is now part of System Plus Consulting’s portfolio. This reverse costing study provides insights into technological data, manufacturing cost, and selling price of the inkjet MEMS manufactured by both STMicroelectronics and HP.
“The inkjet die uses CMOS and DMOS transistors for the integrated driver and specially-designed layers for the new generation of high-density heaters”, explains Sylvain Hallereau is in charge of costing analyses for IC, power and MEMS at System Plus Consulting. And he adds: “The ceramic and organic microfluidic elements have been enhanced to increase nozzle density. System Plus Consulting’s analysis shows that the circuit has been developed to last with complex and expensive passivation.”…. Full article


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