iPhone 11, Watch 5: what’s new, what’s dropped

An article written by Junko Yoshida, EE Times – Consumers (and the media) expect to be wowed by Apple every year with the rollout of the latest iPhone and Apple Watch iterations. Apple occasionally disappoints, but not this year; Bloomberg just called iPhone 11 Pro “the world’s best phone camera,” declaring that “iPhone reclaims the title of mobile camera champion.”

It’s not that we here at EE Times are unimpressed by the latest iPhone features, but if you want to see us really geek out, crack the thing open.

We uncovered several curious but smart design choices made by Apple for its new iPhones, as well as for the new Apple Watch. Among the changes is Apple’s transition from two-sided PCB to stacked PCB in the iPhone 11. Also, there’s a camera upgrade and a new monolithic battery inside the iPhone 11 Pro. And Apple has removed the iPhone’s pressure touch display.

EE Times received expert help from System Plus (Nante, France), a partner company of Yole Développement (Lyon, France). System Plus beefed up its teardown capabilities by acquiring earlier this year an Austin, Texas-based teardown business previously owned by ABI Research. This Austin group even subjected the new iPhones and Apple Watches to CT scans. It examined chips and other new design elements inside the systems to conduct detailed technology and business analysis.

UWB module
As soon as we learned that Apple is the first company to integrate UWB technology into smartphones, we got curious about Apple’s UWB chip. Apple’s ad claims that the UWB technology inside its new iPhones is enabled by a UWB chip the company describes as an “Apple-designed U1 chip.”

We asked System Plus about not just the U1 chip, but who is responsible for the whole UWB module inside the new iPhones… Full story

Source: http://www.eetimes.com

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