JOLED Starts Shipment of OLED Display OLEDIOTM

World’s first mass production of printed OLED

JOLED Inc. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Representative Director and President: Tadashi Ishibashi), an OLED display expert and manufacturer of OLED by printing method, has started product shipment of its OLEDIOTM OLED displays. It is the first mass production of OLED displays by the printing method, which is different from the conventional vapor deposition method. JOLED will produce 10- to 32-inch, medium-sized high-performance and high-quality OLED displays under the OLEDIOTM brand, for high-end monitors, medical monitors, automotive displays, and so on.

OLED displays are self-illuminating devices that deliver superb picture quality with high contrast, high color reproducibility, and fast response rate. JOLED is producing OLED displays using the proprietary TRIPRINTTM technology that forms an EL layer by printing RGB EL materials. While the printing method requires advanced technical capabilities, it is expected to represent a major innovation in OLED display production, because its production process is simple and efficient, and it is adapted for medium- to large-sized OLED production, which is difficult using the conventional RGB vapor deposition method. JOLED has been carrying out R&D of printed OLED and started production in the pilot line in 2017. It started operation of mass production line in 2019 and has been making trial products. Today JOLED will move from trial to mass production and aim at expansion of sales.

On Monday, March 29, 2021, JOLED held a product shipment ceremony at its Chiba site in commemoration of the product shipment from the mass production line. At the ceremony, Tadashi Ishibashi, Representative Director and President of JOLED, said: “We are so delighted to ship our brand-new OLED display OLEDIOTM from the world’s first printed OLED mass production line, which is full of our technology and expertise. I am filled with deep emotion when I reflect upon our journey from the establishment as a R&D company to today, overcoming several challenges, and finally reaching mass production. We will produce high-performance and high-quality OLED displays using the groundbreaking printing method and will provide innovations to the medium-sized category in the world OLED market.”

By leveraging our proprietary TRIPRINTTM technology that produces OLED displays by RGB printing, JOLED will continue to take on challenges with the aim of establishing a unique position within the OLED industry and fulfilling its mission of realizing a world full of excitement and emotions through its cutting-edge devices.


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