Kioxia IPO and COVID-19 pandemic: what will change in the NAND landscape – Live Market Briefing Video

Kioxia is preparing to IPO during uncertain times in the NAND market, which was emerging from a prolonged downturn when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Watch the replay of our Live Market Briefing broadcast on September 10, 2020 now:

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, 2020 was poised to be a strong year for the NAND market, which was starting to emerge from a prolonged downturn that spanned much of the past two years. Although some markets experienced increased demand as many transitioned to working from home and online services, overall demand growth for NAND has been reduced in 2020 relative to our pre-pandemic outlook. While supply-side reductions are expected as suppliers temper investments, it will unlikely be enough to keep supply and demand balanced. As a result, the NAND recovery is expected to be muted compared to prior expectations.

The longer-term implications of the pandemic on the NAND market remain unclear, but the macroeconomic impacts will almost certainly be a headwind to the industry. In addition to pandemic-related market uncertainty, a new player from China is poised to enter the market. YMTC (Yangtze Memory Technology Co.), based in Wuhan, China, is likely to emerge in the coming years with significant wafer capacity, novel technology, abundant financing, and grand ambitions.

This Live Market Briefing will explore in 30 minutes our outlook for the NAND market in the context of COVID-19 and provide a brief overview of Kioxia’s competitive position as they prepare to IPO during these very uncertain times.


Walt Coon joins Yole Développement’s memory team as VP of NAND and Memory Research, part of the Semiconductor & Software division.
Based in the US, Walt is leading the day-to-day production of both market updates and Market Monitors, with a focus on the NAND market and semiconductor industries. In addition, he is deeply involved in the business development of these activities.
Walt has significant experience within the memory & semiconductor industry. He spent 16 years at Micron Technology, managing the team responsible for competitor benchmarking, and industry supply, demand, and cost modeling. His team also supported both corporate strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions analysis. Previously, he spent time in Information Systems, developing engineering applications to support memory process and yield enhancement.
Walt Coon earned a Master of Business Administration from Boise State University (Idaho, United-States) and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Utah (United-States).

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