Leti lines up with Weebit Nano for ReRAM development

Leti and Israeli ReRAM start-up Weebit Nano are to collaborate to develop ReRAM memory technology based on silicon oxide (SiOx). Leti lines up with Weebit Nano for ReRAM development. The two partners will develop SiOx ReRAM memory that is scalable to 40nm, which opens opportunities in multi-billion-dollar memory markets. ReRAM technology Will, says Weebit, replace flash memory that is approaching its scaling limits.

The agreement provides significant, tangible deliverables and milestones, for which the partners are collaborating. Thanks to this common work, successful development of the technology will allow Weebit to engage in commercial relationships with leading global memory manufacturers.

Weebit will benefit from Leti’s expertise and experience in emerging memory and ReRAM, while having access to some of the world’s most advanced facilities. “Weebit’s SiOx solution promises to make major advances in the memory arena thanks to the intrinsic scalability of its technology,” says Luca Perniola, manager of Leti’s Advanced Memory Laboratory, “Leti is eager to apply its deep expertise in back-end-of-line memories to Weebit’s proprietary technology and to strengthen the company’s offer. This joint program will demonstrate manufacturing feasibility and reduce Weebit’s time to market.”

Weebit CEO Yossi Keret said the company views ReRAM as the leading emerging memory to replace flash, not only in mass storage environments such as in cloud data centres and solid-state drives, but also in diverse consumer-related fields like wearable devices, and embedded memory in devices used by health care and automotive industries.

Weebit’s technology relies on SiOx which can work with all existing fabrication processes without re-tooling.

source: http://www.electronicsweekly.com/

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