LeVina direct imaging system from SCREEN sees large orders for AP applications

SCREEN Holdings has finalized development of its new LeVina direct imaging system for next-generation patterning. LeVina has been designed to provide high precision pattern formation in response to the major transitions affecting the advanced packaging field, namely the continuing global trends toward greater digitalization and eco-friendliness. The system is scheduled for release in April.

In recent years, there has been a growing need for higher performance from substrate technologies for IC packages due to the increasing requirements imposed by social issues such as the current digital transformation (DX) and expanding environmental awareness. Achieving these performance levels has made finer pattern formation absolutely essential, to calls by manufacturers of IC package substrates for a new system that can deliver both high precision direct imaging and outstanding productivity.

To meet these requirements, SCREEN has taken a system from its Ledia series, a lineup with a combined track record of more than 600 units installed worldwide, and added imaging heads equipped with its proprietary GLV optical engine plus laser control technologies based on its long expertise in creating optical systems. The result is the LeVina direct imaging system for next-generation patterning, developed specifically for IC package substrates and featuring industry resolution. Thanks to the adoption of a high speed stage capable of moving at up to 480 millimeters per second and an advanced scan alignment function, LeVina is able to deliver extremely rapid mass production of 100 substrates per hour with a line and space resolution of 5 μm.

The release of LeVina is expected to accelerate SCREEN’s expansion into the package substrate market, which continues to enjoy strong growth due mainly to the ongoing deployment of IoT infrastructure as well as 5G and post-5G related technologies. SCREEN remains fully committed to meeting the diverse needs of the semiconductor package industry and contributing to its future development.

Source: https://www.screen.co.jp/

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