LG electronics to launch mini-LED TVs to compete with samsung electronics

As LG Electronics entered its countdown of the launch of a mini-LED TV model, its clash with Samsung Electronics is imminent.

LG Electronics is planning to release mini-LED TVs globally in June. About six months have passed since the company announced at a TV technology briefing session in December 2020 that it would release LG QNED TV.

Mini-LED TVs offers an enhanced color expression and picture quality by putting mini LEDs into backlights of LCD TV displays, which cannot shine on their own. Mini LEDs are significantly smaller than LEDs that have been used as light sources for LCD TV displays.

Samsung Electronics has already released its mini-LED TV called “Neo QLED TV” in March and is enjoying dominating the mini-LED TV market. Neo QLED TVs are loaded with quantum mini LEDs that are one-40th of ordinary LEDs in size and enable an ultra-slim design. It also features Neo Quantum Matrix Technology that can fine-tune mini LEDs. Samsung Electronics announced last month that sales of Neo QLED TVs surpassed 10,000 units in Korea in just two months.

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics differ in mini-LED TV strategies and product lineups. In LG Electronics’ TV lineup, OLED TVs are at the top, followed by mini-LED TVs. Then come NanoCell TVs, which are produced by putting color films called nano cells (one nanometer equals one billionth of a meter).

On the other hand, Samsung Electronics has placed Neo QLED TVs at the top of its TV lineup, along with micro-LED TVs.

Source: http://www.businesskorea.co.kr/

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