Lumotive expands LiDAR technology access program to include its patented light control metasurface™ (LCM) beam steering chips and reference designs

Program accelerates 3D sensing product development and proliferation. Lumotive, a leading developer of scalable, all-semiconductor lidar technologies, today announced that its patented Light Control Metasurface™ (LCM) beam steering chips and associated reference designs are now available  to a select number of qualified partners via the company’s Technology Access Program (TAP). Used to develop solid-state, software-defined, and cost effective lidar systems for automotive, industrial and consumer products, Lumotive’s LCM chips are core components of the company’s award-winning Meta-Lidar™ Platform. Lumotive’s TAP accelerates product development, and therefore market adoption, by making highly scalable, lidar system building blocks and specialized engineering services available to leading-edge 3D sensing system and product developers.

Lumotive’s Principal Engineer Dr. Erik Josberger with a wafer of Light Control Metasurface™ (LCM) beam steering chips — now available as part of the company’s Technology Access Program – Courtesy of Lumotive, 2022

“Demand for scalable, cost-effective lidar systems continues to explode, driven by application specific requirements in various markets such as autonomous vehicles, smartphones, and robotics,” said Dr. Sam Heidari, CEO of Lumotive. “Increasingly, 3D sensing application performance requirements can only be addressed with a solid-state design approach and making our LCMs and integration expertise available directly to lidar system developers is a natural evolution of our strategy and business model.”

The Lumotive TAP program gives participants several benefits, including:

  • An evaluation kit for the LCM chip and associated transmitter
  • A reference platform of a complete lidar design for system level evaluation and development
  • The Lumotive lidar application programming interface (API) to enable software-defined scanning for evaluation
  • Access to performance test data
  • Engineering services for technical support, joint requirements analysis and custom product planning
  • Opportunity to influence Lumotive’s future product roadmap

 “The LiDAR market for automotive and industrial applications is expected to reach $5.7 billion in 2026 from $1.8 billion in 2020, representing a 21% CAGR during this period (1),” said Alexis Debray, Ph.D., Senior Technology & Market Analyst,  Emerging Technologies, at Yole Développement (Yole).Lumotive has developed a key scanning semiconductor technology for 3D real-time LiDAR. This technology will surely contribute to the adoption of LiDAR in the future”.

(1) LiDAR for Automotive and Industrial Applications report, Yole Développement, 2021

Headline image – Courtesy of Lumotive, 2022


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