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To meet the growing demand for market, technological and business information, i-Micronews Media integrates several tools able to reach each individual contact within its network of 80,000+ persons. We will ensure your company benefits from this.


i-Micronews e-newsletter –

Unique, cost-effective ways to reach global audiences.
Online display advertising campaigns are great strategies for improving your product/brand visibility. They are also an efficient way to adapt with the demands of the times and to evolve an effective marketing plan and strategy.

Benefit from the traffic generated by the 18,000+ monthly unique visitors, the 13,200+ weekly readers of i-Micronews e-newsletter



Brand visibility, networking opportunities
Today’s technology makes it easy for us to communicate regularly, quickly, and inexpensively – but when understanding each other is critical, there is no substitute for meeting in-person. Events are the best way to exchange ideas with your customers, partners, prospects while increasing your brand/product visibility.

7+ key events planned for 2022 on different topics to attract 100 attendees on average



Targeted audience involvement equals clear, concise perception of your company’s message.
Webcasts are a smart, innovative way of communicating to a wider targeted audience. Webcasts create very useful, dynamic reference material for attendees and also for absentees, thanks to the recording technology.

Gain new leads for your business from an average of 220 registrants per webcast.

2022 i-Micronews Media Kit is available now HERE