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MEMS & Sensors

Tronics Microsystems has announced the official launch of the AXO215 high-performance MEMS accelerometer. The new closed-loop accelerometer delivers high levels of performance for very demanding applications, such as precision instrumentation, unmanned vehicles, and avionics. The AXO215 will be manufactured, packaged and calibrated in Tronics’ Crolles facility near Grenoble, France. The start of pre-production is scheduled for the second half of 2017.

New AXO215 accelerometer yole

The new AXO215 accelerometer, which complements the industry-standard GYPRO® sensors, will provide superior acceleration sensing performance tailored for very demanding applications

As a continuation of Tronics’ high performance MEMS inertial product roadmap, the AXO215 offers an optimized sensing architecture that brings a tailored answer to the worldwide industry trend of cost and weight reduction without compromising the highest performance levels. The closed-loop configuration offers excellent non-linearity that is less than 0.05 %. Additionally, the hermetic J-Lead package (12 mm x 12 mm) ensures reliable performance levels in harsh environments, while decoupling the mechanical stresses from the host system. Providing an in-plane linear acceleration measurement, the AXO215 has an input range of 15 g with ultra-low noise of 15 µg/√Hz. The 24-bit digital output is delivered with an excellent bias instability of just 3 µg and an operating vibration resistance of 7.3 grms. With the new product, Tronics has introduced an accelerometer that sets the benchmark in terms of size, with a footprint much smaller than non-MEMS devices currently used in the targeted applications. Moreover, the AXO215 offers higher performance levels than current MEMS-based solutions, especially in terms of linearity and reliability in harsh environments.

The AXO215 is also available in its evaluation version, specifically designed to provide users and developers with improved functionalities for affordable easy and advanced testing. Fully compatible with the Arduino M0 open-source electronic prototyping platform, the plug-and-play kit features a compact design and integrates Tronics’ proprietary evaluation software to support design engineers with various functionalities, such as output reading and recording, recalibration and digital self-tests.

In the month of June 2017, Tronics will promote its portfolio of inertial products and testing methods at Sensors Expo & Conference 2017, from June 27 to 29 in San Jose, California, booth 416.

“The release of our new AXO215 accelerometer strengthens our standard high performance inertial product portfolio and enables us to serve our target markets with advanced solutions tailored for high levels of requirement”, said Pascal Langlois, Chief Executive Officer of Tronics. “This new development fits into the strategy of TDK to apply MEMS technologies to a wide range of sensing applications, and paves the way for future growth of Tronics’ cutting-edge sensor products and technologies.”

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