MGI announces new advanced sequencing chemistry (CoolNGS)

MGI’s “Broadband” sequencing delivers bandwidth to achieve genome for all vision.

MGI, a subsidiary of BGI, unveiled its novel CoolNGS chemistry, a disruptive new sequencing approach for its DNBseq™ sequencing technology that enhances the throughput, accuracy, read length and cost effectiveness of DNA sequencing.

A global in innovative sequencing platforms, MGI is committed to developing and producing advanced genetic sequencing instruments, consumables and reagents and fostering the industry’s progress. CoolNGS was announced at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) 2019 conference in Florida, where MGI scientific delivered several talks.

At the conference, independently generated data from the DNBseq™ platform showed the instruments to be flexible and user friendly, with the base quality of sequencing data very high, read coverage evenly distributed, and very little GC bias.

Michael Quail, senior staff scientist – R&D Sequencing at the Wellcome Sanger Institute in the UK, described the DNBseq™ sequencing data in an abstract for his AGBT talk. The data “shows evenness of coverage and contiguity to be superior to that of its competitors,” he stated.

The novel proprietary CoolNGS sequencing chemistry announced avoids DNA “scars” that can accumulate with traditional sequencing methods and affect the accuracy of subsequent reads. CoolNGS introduces unlabeled nucleotides and four fluorescent labeled antibodies in its cPAS (combinatorial probe anchored synthesis) sequencing process to recognize the incorporated bases. In this new process, the natural scarless bases are added in each sequencing cycle, enabling more accurate and longer reads.

CoolNGS also offers advantages in sensitivity and cost. “The multiple fluorescent dye molecules attached to the antibodies provide a higher signal-to-noise ratio and reduced consumption of expensive materials, together with incorporating natural bases with no interference between sequencing cycles,” said Dr. Radoje Drmanac, Chief Scientific Officer of MGI. “That’s what makes it so cool and natural for our DNBseq™, the most efficient high-throughput sequencing technology.”

Delivering the Breakthrough Technology Talk at AGBT on March 2, Dr. Roy Tan, general manager of MGI Americas, said MGI’s latest proprietary technologies, such as CoolNGS and ultra-high-throughput sequencing platform MGISEQ-T7, together enable a new era of “broadband” sequencing to “download” genomics information from millions of biological samples and improve our health. 

Similar to the progress triggered by wide bandwidth data transmission, advanced infrastructure for obtaining and managing data from genomes opens the door to a new era of understanding biology and improving healthcare, Dr. Tan explained. “That is the infrastructure we all need to build together,” he said. MGI is committed to the industry into the era of population-scale genome sequencing by providing customers with a unique, scalable sequencing platform.

MGI’s newest sequencing platform, MGISEQ-T7, can deliver a maximum data output 6Tb per, double the throughput currently on the market. MGISEQ-T7 is built with innovative quadruple flow cell staging that allows simultaneous but independent operation of 1 to 4 flow cells in a single run. With MGI’s single tube Long Fragment Read (stLFR) technology, the platform enables both long fragment read data of up to 300kb and short read data at 5G (5 billion) reads per flow cell, as well as multiple applications, in the same run on the same instrument. With its breakthrough technologies, MGI advances not only sequencing throughput, but also bandwidth and quality.


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