Mikro Mesa Technology unveils a breakthrough solution of mass transferring 3 um microLED to take a big step toward mass production of microLED displays

Mikro Mesa Technology announced a cutting edge technology to mass transfer 3 um uLED chips which is the smallest one in the industry. Beside the ability to handling tiny chips, this process also reduces bonding temperature to below 200 Celsius and eliminates the using of pressure during chip bonding. The low process temperature also benefits the making of flexible plastic display.The large transfer stamp size(close to 4”) which can tremendously reduce transfer counts and the cycle time. By using the pick up and place method, the mass transfer process is capable to bond different color uLED chips and make a full color display.

According to Mikro Mesa’s information, this transfer technology is able to handle chip size of 2um~5um and makes the display resolution up to 1,800 dpi. Due to the above advantages, the uLED display could be used in a lot of applications including wearable devices, mobile devices, television and augment reality.

Founder of Mikro Mesa, Dr. Li-Yi Chen said, “This elegant technology will help uLED display to eliminate the cost obstacle to enter the consumer market which is dominated by OLED and LCD. Because of the tiny chip size, the material cost can be reduced much further. That makes the uLED display can compete with OLED even LCD in the future.”

Dr. Chen said “Mikro Mesa Technology is an independent company and we open arms to welcome anyone from the world to become our partner and co-work with us. We hope that we and our partners can make uLED display to become the new revolutionary visual interface in consumer electronics.

Mikro Mesa Technology was established in 2014 and dedicates for micro LED display research and manufacturing.
Mikro Mesa’s patent portfolio has 36 U.S. granted patents and more than 100 world pending patent applications.

Source: https://www.ledinside.com/

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