MRSI improves accuracy to 1.5 micrometers for MRSI-H/HVM-Series die bonders

MRSI Systems (Mycronic) is pleased to announce the latest advancement in the MRSI-H/HVM-series product line. Placement accuracy was tested using industry-standard glass die reference samples. Results showed enhancement from ±3 micrometers at 3 sigma, to ±1.5 micrometers at 3 sigma. Moving forward for shipment starting from October 1, 2019, the product names will be MRSI-H and MRSI-HVM (formerly known as MRSI-H3 and MRSI-HVM3).

MRSI’s trademark of high-speed and high flexibility remains uncompromised with the improved accuracy. Our customers now have options to design products for higher density and higher speed parts in miniature packages. This is critical for advanced products such as 400G+ photonics devices for data centers and backbone networks, as well as complex DFB/WDM/EML TO-can TOSA/ROSA devices for 5G wireless applications.

MRSI is always looking ahead to address future customer needs. With proven success in the field and a large worldwide installation base, these MRSI-H/HVM-series products have demonstrated their ability to deliver ultra-precision, high-speed, and high-flexibility concurrently. This is critical for our customers’ high-mix high-volume photonics manufacturing,” said Dr. Yi Qian, Vice President of Marketing of MRSI Systems.

MRSI has been serving optoelectronic and microelectronic customers for the past thirty-five years and understands their requirement to scale efficiently in fast paced marketplace. We are pleased to announce the latest advancement with our high-speed die bonder product line,” concluded Mr. Michael Chalsen, President of MRSI Systems.

MRSI will be attending CIOE in Shenzhen, from September 4-7, 2019. Experience what the demo center has to offer. Discuss your application requirements and MRSI’s solutions. To schedule a meeting or learn more, contact your MRSI Sales Representative or email


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