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Advanced Packaging

An article written by Emilie, Jolivet, Yole Développement for ICONNECT007 - Smartphone is one of the high added value products that has a very high demand of miniaturization. Customers expect larger screen, cameras with high resolution, and more other functions but lighter and thinner phones.

In 2017, Apple has requested a new “board”, substrate-like PCB (SLP), for the new iPhones. This has resulted into a technology transition for the PCB manufacturers to invest in modified semi-additive process (mSAP) and attracting new competitions in this field with IC substrate manufacturers who holds the mSAP technology originally. As a result, there were high capital expenditures among the SLP suppliers for Apple. Followed by Samsung, Galaxy S9 that was released in early 2018 has also adapted SLP technology, similar high capital investments were done by some Korean PCB manufacturers. Also, more and more PCB and IC substrate manufacturers that were not in the supply chain of Apple and Samsung are joining the competition of fabricating SLP.

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The expansion reinforces Amkor's manufacturing capability in Taiwan - Amkor Technology announced on September 10th the opening of its new manufacturing and test plant at Longtan Science Park in Taiwan.

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Partnership enables UMC to develop and manufacture products utilizing Invensas DBI and ZiBond technologies. Xperi Corporation is pleased to announce a partnership with leading global semiconductor foundry, UMC. This strategic partnership will enable the companies to support the growing demand for Invensas ZiBond® and Invensas DBI® 3D semiconductor technologies.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a major trend for multiple applications, disrupting industries in each one. But this brings key questions. One concerns the partitioning of whether AI hardware or software firms will benefit most from adding value.

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In its “BioMEMS & Non-Invasive Sensors: Microsystems for Life Sciences & Healthcare 2018” report Yole Développement describes how MEMS devices and emerging sensors are becoming key solutions transforming global healthcare.

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The use of ultrasound for industrial and medical applications has a long and colorful history. Starting in 1965, the commercial potential of ultrasound took off, particularly for medical uses. Today, many different industries benefit from the advancement of ultrasound technology.
The ultrasound industry is stable and mature, with key markets such as non-destructive testing, automotive and medical constantly delivering new technological developments. But new consumer markets such as fingerprint sensors for smartphones and gesture recognition are now looking at this technology, injecting vibrancy.

Yole Développement’s (Yole) describes in the “Ultrasound Sensing Technologies for Medical, Industrial and Consumer Applications” report how the ultrasonic transducer ecosystem will evolve, and how Micro-machined ultrasound transducer (MUT) technologies will rapidly penetrate the ultrasound market.

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